We evolve


Life changes. Things move around. We evolve.
Fiorella Pratto is excited to welcome you and introduce you to our new look, the launch of our new brand identity that marks a turning point in the evolution and growth of our brand.
We value you as part of our community and we want you to be part of this transformation towards a modern identity that promotes fashion and respects the environment.
Our roots are what keep us strong, humble and driven to make beautiful clothes that feel luxurious and gentle. So, let’s go back in time, one more time, before we move onto new horizons.

Our brand was born and conceptualized by our founder, Fiorella Pratto herself, on a transatlantic flight, from Madrid to Peru. Driven by her Peruvian roots and eagerness to make a difference and give things back to her country, Fiorella decided to put together two of her passions: art and fashion, and create beautiful clothes along the way.

Our garments are ethically produced in Peru and Portugal, using only top natural fibers, that make you feel like never before. You could say that we are hyaluronic acid of the knitwear market: you won´t know how good it feels, until you try it.

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